New Visions for a Transit-based Los Angeles

How can Union Station be reimagined as a hub for a new era of a more sustainable, transit based Los Angeles, and a catalyst for vital new urban district? EE&K, a Perkins Eastman company in association with UNStudio, is proud to have been selected by the LAMTA to be one of six teams to develop a vision for the future of the historic Union Station. Each team presented their vision at a press event, introduced by Mayor Villaraigosa. Click here to read the LA Times article discussing the event.

‘Meet me at Union Station’
In the design of the LA Union Station Master Plan, the transit experience will be integrated with aspirations for an expanded civic space. The historic Union Station is already a valued and appreciated place. The next steps for the development of the station are to ensure a robust transit plan that enhances the historic building and grounds by creating a new destination within downtown LA. City and regional transit will be given the stage, with a focus on increased ridership and transit connections

Within this new, transit oriented place, a uniquely programmed urban park, extending the ideas of the existing courtyards, will be integrated into the transit experience and provide a new public amenity. New development opportunities will be provided for residential and hotel accommodations, business, retail, and entertainment functions. Weekend markets, shops, and viable entertainment clusters will serve the vibrant community around the Station and act as an important attraction for the City and region. There is a special opportunity to add tremendous value to the transit experience, the City, and the region.