Yonkers Waterfront

Yonkers, NY

The Master Plan for the downtown Yonkers waterfront extends the existing fabric of the city to a new mixed-use community on the Hudson River. The plan for the 16-acre waterfront site takes its cues from the surrounding historic neighborhoods. The street and block plan provides a framework for a series of open public spaces and buildings. Main Street Place features a wide avenue with housing over street level retail shops leading to a waterfront plaza, restaurant and the landmarked Yonkers Pier. Design guidelines were developed for the Open Space and Building Design. The Open Space guidelines address the landscape features of the streets and park, while the Building guidelines address the height, massing and character of the buildings. Developing the Plan involved extensive community participation and coordination with city, county, state and federal agencies.

The Yonkers Waterfront Park features a series of architectural events which depict the natural, industrial, and urban history of the Nepperhan River.

The Mill – along the Nepperhan, overhanging trees evoke memories of the natural riverbank. Open web steel deck provides vehicular access across the inlet and enlarges the esplanade area to accommodate building entries and the train station entrance.

Main Street Square is a large scale, active public space with special pavings, regular tree plantings and seating. During festivals and special events, Main Street Square becomes a public plaza, or piazza, filled with pedestrians.

Pierpoint Street Esplanade – The city edge continues along the eastern edge of Pierpointe Street. Regularly spaced trees, special pavings and the historic light fixture provide an urban character for the residential buildings. Along the water, nature predominates. Ashlar retailing walls and plantings define separate paths for pedestrians and bicyclists. Evocative of the Palisades, the edge of the esplanade follows an uneven line and projects over the bulkhead wall below.

Scrimshaw Place – A small park defines an entry courtyard for Scrimshaw Place and the new building. Along the Metro North wall, a mural of historic views of the Yonkers waterfront provides a backdrop and screens the view of the retailing wall.

Scrimshaw Boardwalk – The Smoke Stack – The existing boardwalk-replaced and fixed to piles-leads to a circular seating area. Inspired by the ruins of a brick chimney below, the deck features special lighting which emulates glowing embers that serve as reminders of the industrial era of the Yonkers waterfront.

The Meadow – An informal open space for sports, picnics, and fishing. Paths follow the existing topography of small hills. A grid echoes the pile fields to the north.