Pier A Preservation, Restoration, Adaptive Reuse

New York, NY

Extending into New York Bay at the southern end of Manhattan, Pier A was built in 1886 for the city’s Department of Docks and Harbor Police. Designed by George Sears Green, the department’s chief engineer, it is the last surviving historic pier in Manhattan. The building’s distinctive zinc clad facade was the site of many important public events in the early 20th Century, including the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Civic Government in New York.

Pier A Partners in conjunction with the NYC Economic Development Corporation, engaged EE&K to complete the exterior restoration of the Pier and prepare documents for the completion of core elements and the Fit-up for the National Park Service (NPS), and future museum/banquet users for the first, second & third floors.

Although restoration of the building and piles had begun under previous plans, several years had elapsed and many parts of the building had suffered additional deterioration. The team assessed the existing condition of the building and piles.

The assessment included the points of entry and distribution of water, electrical and gas service, including meters, control valves, domestic and fire sprinkler supply lines, and booster pumps, and the storm and sanitary water ejector pumps and connections to the street. Design documents for the utility and drainage systems for the reconstruction of Battery Place and Route 9A were also reviewed to determine whether utility connections could be part of the NYSDOT reconstruction project.

The work also included an assessment of the marine facilities at Pier A, which are designed to accommodate two separate ferry activities at one time. This study was critical to ensure that the exterior walkways could handle the emergency exiting requirements for visitors inside the building, as well as the passengers disembarking from the vessels.