New Jersey Transit, Transit-Friendly Developments

New Jersey

EE&K has worked with NJ Transit since 2001 on their nationally recognized Transit-friendly planning program, which has served as a model for forward-looking transit-oriented planning around the country. EE&K designed plans for encouraging transit-oriented development around seven of NJ Transit’s major facilities.

Newark Penn Station Vision Plan proposes a series of access improvements that increase the stations’ capacity; help break the downtown traffic gridlock; creates two high value addresses for future transit-oriented development and establishes Penn Station’s role as an anchor to Newark’s downtown business district.

Secaucus Junction Area Vision Plan
EE&K developed a vision for future development around NJ Transit’s Secaucus Junction rail hub. This plan serves as the basis of the Redevelopment Plan passed by the Township of Secaucus in 2004.

Broad Street Station Area Vision Plan envisions the station as the center of a new community and intermodal transfer point, building on existing assets such as its proximity to Newark’s university quarter and the Passaic Riverfront.

The_ Princeton Junction Station Area Vision Plan_ integrates several major infrastructure initiatives associated with the Princeton Junction Station and the Route 1 Corridor into a greater vision for redevelopment of the 80-acre area around one of busiest commuter rail stations in the NJT system.

Hamilton Station Vision Plan provides a concept for development of the NJ Transit property, while incorporating 2,600 commuter parking spaces to accommodate anticipated growth.

Downtown Camden Strategic Development Plan puts forth a new vision for downtown Camden focusing on a strategy for economic development around NJT’s RiverLine Light rail system in one of the most distressed cities in the Country.

The Newark Orange Street Station Vision Plan creates economic development and community improvement with new residential local retail, and open public space.