Fo Shan Development

Fo Shan, China

The Fo Shan Development, located 20 kilometers from the center of Guangzhou, will meet the demands for rapid urbanization in the fourth major metropolitan area of China.
The development will enhance the local identity for prosperous small business while promoting long-term sustainable and economic vitality.

The new vision plan creates a picturesque solution aligned with market preferences – an oasis with a variety of open spaces that are interconnected, accessible, and convenient. The emerging local housing market will draw residents relocating from the center of the city. The design incorporates a series of “green” infrastructure such as bio-swales, rain gardens, soil conservation, and storm water management. By developing a sustainable, pedestrian-oriented community where all methods of transportation coexist including walking, biking, public transit, the plan asserts a forward-thinking concern for the environment.
The new urban form gives each neighborhood exclusive courtyards and amenities while taking advantage of a system of lakes and hills. The team developed a vibrant mixed-use arrival, which establishes the identity for the new Fo Shan community.