Bawadi Park

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Bawadi Park is a vibrant, mixed-use development combining residential, office, and retail spaces with two additional public amenities: a cultural promenade and a leisure promenade. These promenades are the connectors which draw the value of Bawadi Boulevard to the south-lying blocks. The project aims to create a truly urban environment by situating many different activities in close proximity to each other, and by providing not only a myriad of private spaces for work and living, but also ample public spaces in order to encourage the variety of shared experiences that define life in every great city. To this end, the densely-massed, mixed-use buildings in Project Bawadi Park share amenities and occupy a relatively small amount of land, leaving more space for parks and other public open spaces.
Another key aspect of the design vision is the natural desert morphology of the site itself. The direction of the sand dunes on the site inspire and generate the basic pattern that weaves together the buildings, public spaces, pedestrian promenades, and the streets. By echoing the natural morphology of the sand dunes within Bawadi Park, the massing of the project’s built environment allows the artificial and the natural landscapes to blend together.