Binghamton University

Binghamton, NY

EE&K developed a site improvements plan for this 700-acre campus, home of one of the four University Centers of the State of New York system. The University’s goals for this project included: improving the first impression of the campus for visitors and prospective students; creating a more cohesive campus landscape that unifies the University’s varied architecture and open spaces, and improving the quality of life for current faculty, students and staff by making the campus landscape, roads, pathways and open spaces more appealing, safer and more supportive of the many informal and formal activities that help create an educational community.

The emerging plan built upon the unique attributes and resources of the campus to recreate the campus’ main entrance and vehicular circulation and the recreate many of its key open spaces. The plan encourages the University to identify with its 400-acre nature preserve to create an overall campus environment that is more organic, less structured and more sympathetic to the surrounding environment.