Albert Einstein College of Medicine Master Plan

Bronx, NY

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine engaged EE&K to undertake a Master Plan for its campus on Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx.

We began by understanding the unique character of Einstein’s programs, people, site and buildings. Einstein’s 2007 Strategic Research Plan noted Einstein’s extraordinary impact in basic science and medical research relative to the size of the school’s faculty and resources, as well as the growing importance of translational and clinical research; the critical collaboration between basic and clinical investigators; the importance of interaction between research and education; and Einstein’s compassionate commitment to the health of local and global human communities.

The focus is on creating a Master Plan which:

  • Is oriented to robust and flexible growth
  • Organizes Einstein’s site and buildings as a compact, walkable campus
  • Integrates the new with enhanced existing resources
  • Can be incrementally developed over time

The Master Plan is a visionary but pragmatic response to a comprehensive process of institutional review involving all stakeholders. Conservative with costs, the Master Plan enhances and leverages the College’s existing assets. It provides the College room to grow with ample flexibility for change, and it can be implemented on an incremental, as-needed basis. It has been designed to satisfy a variety of needs, including research, academic, infrastructure and lifestyle needs. Above all, it fosters a campus environment that reflects Einstein’s uniquely collaborative culture.