Houston Northern Intermodal Facility

Houston, TX

EE&K was selected to design a new $300 million intermodal transit center, to be located north of the University of Houston-Downtown and Interstate 10. The center is destined to become the main hub for many of the services offered by Houston’s Metro, serving as the starting and ending point for bus routes, rail lines, bus rapid-transit lines and commuter rail. The ultimate goal is to take as many cars off the road as possible, creating a regional ripple effect that will enhance Houston’s transit situation.

The new transit center also is intended to attract new growth and activity, helping to transform the broader neighborhood into a thriving urban district. The commuter rails and the LRT will make the area accessible from all parts of the city and many of the improvements planned—including pedestrian friendly sidewalks, a park along the White Oak Bayou and a new market — will infuse new life and vitality into the area.

The redevelopment of the industrial area around the proposed Intermodal Station of Houston envisions a vibrant, mixed-use and walkable community seamlessly built around the Station. A variety of public spaces and amenities are designed to blend transportation, retail with housing, recreational and cultural activities.